Cost Per Pier For Foundation Repair

cost per pier for foundation repair

The cost per pier for foundation repair can vary based on many factors, such as the type of damage to your home’s foundation and the severity of that damage, as well as the method used for repairing it. In addition, your contractor may have to do additional work like restoring the concrete floor and walls of your basement or addressing corner pop, which occurs when a corner of your foundation cracks on one or both sides.

When a home’s foundation has significant damage, it might need to be underpinned, which involves drilling longer piers underneath the foundation and deeper into the soil until strong enough ground can support the structure. This is usually the most expensive method of repairing foundation problems, but it’s also considered to be the most permanent solution.

Demystifying Foundation Repair Costs: Understanding the Cost per Pier

Other repair methods, such as slab jacking and foam jacking, are less invasive but may not be appropriate for your area’s soil quality. In addition, helical and push piers can be used to stabilize both residential and commercial properties.

The amount of time needed to complete a foundation repair job also has an impact on its overall costs. It’s difficult to get to all the locations where a support pier needs to be placed under your house, and that has a direct impact on how long it will take and how much labor will need to be put in.

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