Electric Vehicle Chargers

Ev charger installers near me to recharge your electric vehicle (EV). They deliver either alternating current or direct current (DC) power. Most EVs charge at Level 1 or Level 2 speeds. Some EVs can be charged on public Level 3 charging stations, which are usually much faster than the fastest at-home Level 2 chargers.

How much is a charger for a electric car?

Public chargers are generally located near places where people tend to park, like workplaces and shopping centers. They may be free or cost money. Some require membership, and some use a credit card or a smartphone app to activate the charger. You can also purchase a home charger, though that isn’t as common because it requires a major electrical upgrade and can be costly to install.

At-home chargers can range from super-basic cords that plug into a standard outlet to high-performance units designed to be hardwired into the garage. Most EV owners get Level 2 chargers installed, which can take four to 10 hours to fill an empty battery, depending on the size of the car. Some EVs can even drive on a Level 2 charge overnight.

The fastest EV chargers, called Level 3 or DC fast charging stations, are used at public locations and can recharge a car from nearly empty in 20 minutes. They provide up to 350 kW of DC power. Most use the Combined Charging System (CCS) or CHAdeMO (“CHArge de MOve”) connectors, which are compatible with most EVs; Teslas use their own proprietary charger design.

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