The Best Leather Wallets From Australia

australia leather wallet

Australia mens slim wallet has a long tradition in leather crafting. In recent years, some of these products have become very popular worldwide. Some of these brands are Harrisson Australia, Australian Bush Collection and Bellroy. Among the top brands in the world, they have dominated the market. These brands are known for their high quality leather goods.

The Australian Bush Collection manufactures some of the best kangaroo leather wallets and purses. Their kangaroo skin is harvested from wild kangaroos. This makes their product incredibly strong and durable. They also offer a 12-month guarantee on their workmanship.

Harrisson Australia manufactures a number of different wallets, including the billfold wallet. This is a good choice if you are looking for a stylish front pocket wallet. It is made of genuine kangaroo leather, which is one of the strongest leathers in the market. It is thin and minimalist, but has a money clip on the outside.

Another Australian brand, Harrison Australia, offers customers a wide variety of leather wallets. Customers can choose from a variety of stitching options and hardware options. For instance, you can have a billfold wallet made of leather or a bifold made of calf leather.

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The latest addition to the list of world-class wallet brands is Karamoram. Founded in Sydney, Australia, they make wallets that take the future of the planet into account. As well as making wallets, they have expanded into tech goods and apparel.

Other international names in the market include Tommy Hilfiger, Coach New York, Bally, Gucci, Fani Wallet and Saddleback Leather. All of these companies make excellent wallets. However, the best wallets are those made from genuine leather.

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