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About Us. The Vape Shops UK basically is a fully licensed, legal and specialized Vaporizer shop running internationally, in the UK. It has a wide assortment of vaporizers, including top-notch mods, tanks, juicers and other vaporizing equipment, and are among the biggest Vaporize online retailers in the UK. As Vaporizers have been becoming an essential part of people’s lives, there’s been a significant increase in vaporizer clubhouses in recent years. As a result of this growing Vaporizer community, the Vape Shops UK has decided to expand into additional territories, such as Scandinavia, Australia and the Americas, and furthermore, plans to expand its services to more countries in future.

Why Should One Visit Our Vapor Shop?

History and Development. The Vape Shops UK started as a small vaporizer repair workshop in Bath, UK in 1996. Initially, it specialized in repairs and refinishing vaporizers. And though the Vaporizer Repair Shop gradually took on more professional appearance, it remained primarily a place for new customers. And, still today, Vaporizer Shops UK are primarily located in traditional pubs and bars, providing an authentic e-cigarette experience. The initial “retro feel” that Vaporizer Shops UK provides to their customers continues to be very important to the Vape community.

Vaping news. Recently, The Independent reported that the government is considering making it compulsory for all UK vape shops to display the smoking ban posters at all their stores. Also, a new bill is being drawn up by the Department of Health that will force all UK vape shops sell only e-cigs – with no other nicotine products available to customers. This would obviously affect the Vaporizer shops in a negative way, as they would be forced to either lower prices of their vaporizers or else close for good, as they will be unable to remain in business under these circumstances.

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