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Concrete Floor Repairs Near Me

Concrete floors in industrial and commercial facilities are constantly exposed to stress from heavy traffic and hefty machinery. They are a durable material but still prone to damage over time, resulting in cracks and holes. This is why facility managers seek concrete floor repair contractors near me to carry out regular repairs and resurfacing work.Find out :

Often a professional concrete contractor will need to etch, grind or shot blast the existing surface before resurfacing it. This will remove any oils and lubricants that may have seeped into the concrete over time, which can cause further damage. It will also expose any surface damage or weaknesses that need to be repaired. After the surface is etched and prepared, a chemical bonding agent can be applied to ensure the new coating will adhere well. This is particularly important for areas that will be washed regularly or exposed to chemicals.

From Cracks to Comfort: Transforming Spaces with Concrete Floor Repairs

Many concrete floor coatings have additional grit added in order to improve the strength and durability of the concrete. This is especially helpful for areas that are heavily used by customers, such as in a showroom. This will also help prevent slips and falls, which can be costly for a business or organization.

Holes in a concrete floor can be caused by foreign matter, such as wood chips or mud balls, that were accidentally mixed in with the concrete when it was being made. These items are usually undetectable under a thin layer of concrete and, over time, forklift traffic can break this layer, revealing the objects beneath. If a hole is left untreated, it can eventually open up and become a major sinkhole.