Amish Candles

amish candles

When you think of amish candles, you probably imagine simple yet beautiful jar and muffin style decorative candles that fill your home with warm country smells. These rustic, hand-made works of art come in a variety of colors and are made in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Amish candles burn for a long time on a small amount of oil. You can even add your own fragrance by adding essential oils to the wax. This makes them easy to make and an economical alternative to other candle types. They also are environmentally conscious!

The Amish are a community that has held onto many old-fashioned traditions. They do not use modern technology such as cars or electricity and are often seen driving horses and buggies. The Amish live in simple homes that are lit with candles and lanterns. They have a rich culture and heritage that you can experience for yourself by visiting their community and learning about their way of life.

Craftsmanship and Ambiance: Embrace the Warmth of Amish Candles in Your Home

For the Amish, Christmas is a special holiday where they celebrate Jesus’ birth with a series of unique customs and festivities. From a special Christmas Eve service to a big family meal, Amish Christmas celebrations are filled with old-fashioned tradition.

One of the most famous traditions that Amish families do is put a candle in their window. The purpose of this tradition is to welcome travelers and show that their home is open to others who may be looking for shelter or a place to rest. In the past, this practice was common in colonial homes where neighbors would be separated by significant distances. It was also a way to remember deceased family members who would not be coming home for a while.

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