Choosing Casters

Whether you’re looking to replace a caster wherls in a chair or on your shopping cart, it’s important to choose the right wheels. A wheel’s size, materials and casters’ weight capacity can all affect the ease of mobility and durability of your cart or equipment.

What happens to the vehicle if there is too much caster?

For the best mobility, choose a softer material such as rubber or plastic. These are perfect for lighter loads and are easy to roll. Adding an additional coating may also offer additional protection.

If you’re looking to move a heavy load, choose a forged steel wheel. This material is more resistant to grease, oil and other contaminants. It also offers greater rollability and load capacity.

The diameter of a caster’s wheel has a big impact on its weight capacity. Larger wheels roll easier, while smaller wheels require more effort. If you need to move something frequently, a larger wheel will help you distribute your weight more evenly.

Casters are made from a variety of materials. These can include rubber, plastic, cast iron and steel. Each material has a different weight capacity and durability. Casters come in a variety of diameters and tread widths, depending on the load and application.

When choosing casters, make sure to look for a wheel that has a smooth surface and is designed to distribute weight evenly. Choosing the right size casters will ensure that your cart or equipment is easy to move.

When choosing a caster, look for a material that has a smooth surface, is durable and will not cause damage to floors. A rubber edge also helps to absorb shock.

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