How to Get a Job As a Temporary Worker in France

temporary workers in france

France’s high unemployment rate has pushed many European countries to hire temporary workers. Many of these foreign workers earn less than the French do, and most come from Poland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, and Germany. But the trend has caused some nationalist backlash, as French citizens resent the cheaper labour they can get from other countries. The French government’s recent reforms to the unemployment benefit system are aimed at reducing the number of unemployed workers. Info –

Grew In The Sectors Of Commerce And Services

According to Prism’Emploi, a French association of employment agencies, temporary employment increased by 14.0% in January 2022. This was the second consecutive month of growth, and it corresponds to the creation of nearly 13,000 new full-time equivalent jobs. The employment of temporary workers rose in industries including commerce and services, as well as in industry. Construction, on the other hand, decreased slightly. However, the increase in temporary workers has been a trend for some time, and it is only going up from here.

Before securing a temporary job in France, foreign nationals must get a work permit. For example, they must apply for one through the French embassy in their country. If the French embassy is unable to issue such a permit, they will have to go through a process called “residence permit” before being able to work in France. Once this process has been completed, the temporary worker must then find an employer that can sponsor them. The process is not easy and requires research.

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