Men’s Gym Clothes

mens gym clothes

Whether it’s spin class, daily runs or reps in the weight room, the right men’s gym clothes can make all the difference in getting you there and back. The best workout clothes are made from lightweight, breathable fabrics that move with you and keep you cool, dry and focused. They’re designed to support your efforts and inspire you to push for that next level of fitness.

High-quality fabrics like polyester and lycra may cost more than cotton but they last longer, feel better on the skin and perform much more effectively. They wick away sweat, dry super quickly and move with you to keep you cool and comfortable through your workouts.

Elevate Your Fitness Wardrobe: The Latest Trends in Men’s Gym Clothes

In the long run, they’ll save you money as they’re not likely to wear out as fast. Avoid heavy, clingy fabrics like cotton that hold onto moisture and cause you to overheat. Denim shorts are a big no-no as they will chafe and restrict movement, but tracksuit bottoms are a good alternative as they’re more versatile and can be worn with shorts on top for a more sporty look.

Premium sportswear brands like Under Armour and VRST create workout clothes that are light, cool, flexible and super functional. Their range of men’s gym clothes includes tank tops, long sleeve shirts, hoodies and shorts in a variety of colors and fits, plus accessories like bags, gloves and hats. Other men’s workout gear brands include JOBU, a brand that fuses fashion with function and compression leggings by Omorpho that use their own MicroLoad technology to distribute weight around your body so you can get more bang for your buck when squatting.

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