Skip Hire – What You Need to Know

Glasgow City Council skip hire  is the quickest and most convenient way to remove large quantities of waste from a property. They are available in a range of sizes with the most common being 2, 4, and 8-yard skips. They are categorised as domestic and commercial skips with the former being able to be placed on driveways while the latter requires a council permit to be dropped onto a road.

When hiring a skip it is important to decide which size is appropriate for the job you need doing. Smaller skips are a good choice for garden clearance waste whilst larger ones are perfect for house clearances. It is also important to consider what type of waste you need to dispose of as some companies won’t accept certain types of rubbish such as plasterboard.

Skip Hire for Automotive Industry Waste in Glasgow

Skips are ideal for DIY projects such as bathroom and kitchen refitting, a new roof, or garage demolition. They are also commonly used at industrial construction sites. It is possible to order a skip for delivery within a few hours from most companies providing a fast and reliable service. Some even offer a mobile app to let customers book skips on the go. The cost of hiring a skip depends on how long you want to keep it for, with longer periods of hire costing more. Most skip-hire services provide a quote that will include VAT and any council permit fees. However, it is always best to check this as some providers may exclude these costs from their quotes.

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